About us at American Capital Group in Bellevue, Washington

About American Capital Group

By applying 30+ years of experience in the Multifamily Sector, American Capital Group (ACG) has created strong results for our project partners and investors.

We utilize our operating expertise to manage investments and potentially add value at the property level. ACG’s Property Management and Asset Management teams strive to play an integral role in the successful performance of investments, through operational excellence and customer service. These long-term guiding principles can lead to stable property operations and market value.

ACG has a demonstrated track record of its commitment to its investors, partners, and lenders. Over our 30 years of development and acquisition we have never had a foreclosure or loan default. We take a disciplined approach to each opportunity, focusing on a combination of conservative leverage and underwriting. This self-discipline has allowed us to maintain performance across market cycles.

Graphic depicting some of our key company statistics at American Capital Group in Bellevue, Washington
Aerial view of one of our communities at American Capital Group in Bellevue, Washington